How to help your child at home with maths calculations

At King Edward Primary School, Mathematics is extremely important to all of our learning as it enables us to solve problems related to everyday life and is critical to science, technology and engineering, as well as being an essential skill in employment. It helps us to understand the world and to develop our ability to reason by following lines of enquiry, finding relationships and patterns and justifying our findings using mathematical language.
Our curriculum aims to ensure that all of our children become fluent in the main elements of mathematics through learning increasingly complex calculation strategies and applying these to a range of problem solving activities. Children are also given the opportunity to recall and use knowledge quickly and accurately to a wide variety of word and logic problems by breaking them down into smaller steps. Children are encouraged to be resilient in seeking solutions. 

In order to prepare our children to become able and skilful mathematicians we teach them a sequence of calculation strategies for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division which enable them to apply what they know about number and place value. 

In many cases, these strategies are very different to the strategies that we, as adults, were taught to use when we were at school. This is because they focus on the understanding of place value. For this reason, some of the methods used are longer than those we may be familiar with! 

How can we help? 

To help parents know and understand the strategies that our children are using in school and to support our children and parents in being able to work together to complete homework tasks, we have compiled a sequence of maths videos which demonstrate the strategies that our children use daily in school. 

Each video is designed to support both parents and children by demonstrating the strategies at each stage of your children’s development. 
They provide a clear explanation of the step-by-step processes children go through when completing the calculations. 

The strategies are clearly demonstrated by our children and are also described by them using the language and vocabulary that they use in class. 

We hope that the videos support you and your child in developing your understanding of the strategies we use. We hope they also help you to understand and complete any homework tasks together. If you have any feedback in relation to the videos, please do not hesitate to contact school.