Charges for hire

Charges for hiring should include:-
  1. energy costs
  2. caretaking costs
  3. water costs
  4. wear and tear / facilities use
  5. cleaning costs
  6. profit element
  7. VAT (where appropriate)
As each proposed hire is likely to require different costing in terms of the above elements it will be necessary for costs of hire to be established for each Letting Agreement / Occasion of hire in line with the principles outlined in section 2. The Headteacher is the person best placed to determine these costs on leach application for hire and he should agree a hire fee with each hirer in the context of the Governing Body’s views on whether hire should be on a cost recovery or profit producing basis.

Principles Guiding Charging for Hire of Premises
  1. There are certain community activities which the Governing Body would wish to support whilst protecting the school budget and recognising the legal position.  In these cases it is possible to operate a cost recovery policy on charging for hire i.e. no profit or loss accrues to the school.  An example might be the establishment of an after school club.

  2. There are other occasions when a hirer may request the use of the premises in order to promote a fund raising activity.  In the event that the fundraising activity were intended to produce benefits for the school, e.g. PTA activity from the profits of which the school will benefit, it would still be possible to operate a cost recovery policy.

  3. Where a hirer applies for use of the premises and the proposed use is not deemed to be beneficial to the school, because it is not a community activity endorsed by the governors or because profits will accrue only to the hirer, then it would be appropriate for the agreed hire fee to include an element of profit for the school.  An example might be a jumble sale held by a private organisation.

  4. Occasional or ‘one off’ applications for lettings will be considered on their individual merits and costs determined accordingly.