Friends of King Edward (FOKE)

Who are we? 
We are a group of parents /carers, staff and members of the local community. 

Little FOKE

To support the work of the FOKE in school, we also have a small group of children of all ages within the school.  

These wise little people are called the 'Little FOKE'.

These 'Little FOKE' assist us with coming up with new ideas, giving us feedback and assist us at various events.

They also help us decide on our next projects to fundraise for!

Why do we do it? 

We work together to organise & support school events for King Edward Primary School to support all of our children. 
By raising money we can support the school to the benefit of all of our children. 

(eg Summer, Christmas & Easter Fairs & School Discos, Cake Stalls & Sponsored Bounces).

How do we do it? 

We raise money through organising events like fairs, sponsored bounces, raffles, non uniform days, cake sales and other fun events which our children are a part of.

What difference does it make?

As a direct result of our fundraising events, we have managed to raise enough money to buy things for school which enhance what is already available.  

With ever tightening school budgets without this team work and collaboration these extra developments and improvements would not be able to take place.

This joint fundraising, between the FOKE, the school staff and our children, means that as a school community we can work together for our children.

 FOKE have recently purchased this lovely canopy for our Nursery/Early Years children.


FOKE have funded two new structures in the Key Stage 1 Yard in June 2018.  One is a stage and the other is a sand pit.


This school and community collaboration has led to additional improvements and enhancements which we would not otherwise have been able to achieve. e.g. the Key Stage One outdoor castle play areas, the Key Stage Two outdoor areas, the plasma TV in the main entrance etc.

Each year we also provide reading folders and water bottles for all of our new reception starters and help fund leaving events for our Year 6 children, 

to celebrate the end of their journey in our school.

We are currently fundraising for further additional benefits for our children, including further work in the outdoor areas.  

We cannot do this without ongoing support from our families, staff and community.

But... we need your help.

There is no pressure to get heavily involved.  You can help a little, or a lot.  All help is much appreciated.  

We are a very small group & need more parents, carers and families to help. 
This can be on the day of events, for prep before events or any parents with time 
& contacts to raise more money.

We also welcome new faces from people in the locality to help. 

Please email us with your contact details on  if you can help in any way. 
Or see me Laura Evans in the Key Stage 1 school yard.  

Also find us on Facebook at - King Edward Primary School - FOKE.

Thank you!