Please click on the link below to view a letter from the Head teacher regarding the outcome of the Parent Governor Election March 2019:

Governing Body’s Annual Statement

The Issues faced and addressed by the Governing Body over the last year were:  
  • Governing Body working arrangements to support preparation for Ofsted and effectiveness of leadership and management 
  • Understanding changes to data and assessment systems nationally
  • Investigation and decision making regarding school holiday dates. 
  • New prospectus
  • Major updates and changes to school website including data analysis regarding the ‘reach’ of the school’s website
  • Communication letters relating to key information sharing
  • Parent and carer survey including clarification of parent/carer views on comms
  • Pupil survey carried out by Vice Chair on behalf of FGB
  • Permanent exclusion and IRP
The impact of the Governing Body on the school was: 
  • Some changes to information sharing alongside guidance/training from the LA resulted in Governors and the being more effective and knowledgeable as a direct result
  • Governors knowledge of new data and assessment systems enables Governors to provide further support and challenge to school provision
  • Analysis of the data from the school website  confirmed that information relating to school holidays changes was timely, accessible and widely understood by the school community
  • New school prospectus is attractive, professional and represents the school and its community more effectively 
  • Updated school website resulting in highly effective comms with parents, carers and visitors validated by website statistics
  • The P&C survey had a very high number of returns (250+) and confirms the huge success of the school and the strength of highly positive views of parents and carers.  It also confirmed that the community is happy with the new methods of communication.
  • The pupil survey confirmed that children feel safe, enjoy new catering and that the overwhelming majority understand the behaviour policy.  This process will be repeated.
  • As a result of Governors clarifying stakeholders views, Governors are very clear about pupils and parent/carer views, supporting school to target determine next steps of development. 

Structure of the Governing Body and Committees

The Chair of the Governing Body is:  Mr Mark Stutt and the Vice Chair of the Governing Body is:  Mrs Juliet Jackson
The Governing Body’s structure and membership is outlined in the table below and within that structure it has the following committees:



Name of Chair

Staffing and Finance


Adele Tong

Curriculum and Pupil Outcomes


Claire Graham

Premises and Pupil Safety

P/PSPending appointment