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Catering Services - Fun Day Space Lunch - Thursday 19th January 2017

posted 9 Jan 2017, 04:50 by Linn Hoggins
Catering Services will be hosting a Fun Day Space Lunch on Thursday 19th January 2017.  The cost of this meal will be £2.10 payable via Joinos, children in Reception to Year 2 will be free (universal free school meals). 

Join in the fun!

Lots of prizes to be won!

Don't miss out!


Spaceship Beef Burger in a Bun

Hubble Telescope - Quorn sausage in a bun

Mini Satellite Potato Wedges

Green & Yellow Vegetable Asteroids

Rocket Fuel Baked Beans

Space Rock Jacket Potatoes

Astro Sandwiches

Shooting Star Biscuit or Krispie Comet Serviced with Wish Juice

Please click on the link below to view a copy of the lunch menu flyer from Catering Services: