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Ipad leasing-Shhhhhh! Possible Christmas gift for some so please be discreet!

posted 5 Oct 2016, 03:47 by Linn Hoggins   [ updated 5 Oct 2016, 03:47 ]
Two years ago we offered families the chance to lease ipads. This meant families had the chance to buy an ipad over 2 years through monthly payments.

We are currently looking at offering families the chance to lease ipads again. We have asked for delivery of any ipads before we break up for Christmas-in case anyone would be looking to buy one for Christmas.

If you might be interested in leasing an ipad for your child, then please complete this survey below. This will enable us to give the company an idea of possible demand. Completing this is NOT a commitment and is only an expression of interest. This will enable us to plan.

We currently only have a rough price, dependent on the type of ipad a family chooses to lease. It is likely that each ipad would cost around £14-£20 per month over two years.

Ipad Leasing Scheme Survey