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North Tyneside Telephone Numbers

posted 26 Jun 2018, 02:22 by Linn Hoggins   [ updated 26 Jun 2018, 03:29 ]
North Tyneside Council have changed their telephone system so all North Tyneside Council's telephones including all School's in North Tyneside are not withheld anymore.  All North Tyneside Council telephone number now show as 0191 643 2655.  If you call this telephone number back you will hear an automated voice telling you that you have received a call from North Tyneside Council then will disconnect.  This means if a member of our staff telephone any of our parents/carers this number will show up on a mobile telephone.

You may receive a call from this number from us when we have called you as this number will show up from us.  This is NOT our telephone number, if you need to ring us back, school's number remains the same - 0191 2006337.   We will always leave a message (where possible) stating who we are and a brief message for you to call us back.