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Selected Year 5 Children - Greenpower Goblin Kit Car - STEM Project

posted 10 May 2017, 04:22 by Linn Hoggins

(Selected Year 5 children only, parents have been informed by text)

Dear Parents /Carers


Your child has been selected to participate in an exciting STEM activity. The project aims to inspire young engineers and give children an opportunity to build and race their own car.   The IET Goblin is an electrical kit car which can be dismantled and rebuilt each year with a new team of children.  By working with Greenpower (an engineering company) our school is supporting the development of engineering and helping to raise the awareness of the skills and work of an engineer.

The children involved will be actually building the car from scratch, with a team of engineers and school staff. The build days will take place on the 15th and 16th May 2017(in school) and the children will then go and race their car at the Gateshead International Stadium on June 13th 2017. This event is a race day for schools in the North East who are all participating in this engineering opportunity.  More information and pictures to follow!

We hope that your child enjoys participating and is inspired by the experience.

Yours sincerely

Miss Osueke

Year 4 Teacher

STEM Leader