Lettings Terms & Conditions

  1. The School shall mean King Edward Primary School, North Shields.

  2. All provisional bookings must be confirmed in writing within 7 days.  Any Reservations not confirmed within this time will be cancelled.

  3. All reservations with credit facilities will be invoiced.  If credit facilities have not been agreed prior, payments must be made on the day of the event.

  4. All hirers must inform the School not less than seven days prior to an event, the anticipated number of people attending, along with final arrangements and details for the event.  Final arrangements will include start and finish times and equipment required.

  5. All invoices will be calculated within the scale of charges in the pricing policy.

  6. Unless notice of cancellation is received by school at least 48 hours before the letting is due to commence it will be assumed that the premises are to be used and the appropriate charge be payable.

  7. In the event of non-arrival or cancellation on the day of the event the full cost for room hire will be charged.

  8. The School and North Tyneside Council cannot accept liability for any claims, damages, costs and demands in respect of death or personal injury arising from the use of the Centre by the hirer pursuant to this agreement insofar as such death or personal injury arises from negligence on the part of North Tyneside Council it’s servants, agents or representatives.

  9. The School and North Tyneside Council does not accept liability for loss or damage to property brought onto the School premises by or on behalf of the hirer however caused.

  10. Hirers of the school field will be responsible for any damage caused to machinery due to foreign objects left on the field by the hirer.

  11. The hirer is responsible to The School and North Tyneside Council for any damage, breakage or removal of any property caused by the hirer or their guests, agents, employees etc.

  12. The hirer is responsible for obtaining appropriate public liability, employers’ liability and any public entertainment licences necessary for their use of the School.

  13. The School and North Tyneside Council will not be liable in failing to provide facilities previously agreed, in the event that it is prevented from doing so by causes beyond its control.  This will include but will not be limited to, fire, flood, storm, civil disturbance or industrial action.
  14. An event must end at the agreed time.  Any over run will result in additional charges.

  15. The hirer and all parties attending an event must comply with the requirements of all competent statutory authorities including Fire and Health & Safety regulations.

  16. The School is a no smoking building in line with North Tyneside Council’s no smoking policy.  No smoking is permitted on any part of the site including the playing field, at any time.

  17. No dogs, except guide dogs, are permitted on any part of the site including the playing field, at any time.

  18. The hirer shall ensure all parties attending the event have been instructed in the operation of fire fighting equipment, and are aware of the fire procedure and location of fire exists.

  19. Any additions or variation to these standard terms and conditions must be made in writing by The School/North Tyneside Council, no verbal agreements or arrangements will be binding.

  20. The School operates a policy that provides a CIRCLE OF CARE to children/young people-accessing activities in the School at all times.  Anyone booking the facilities must adhere to Child Protection guidelines and ensure that anyone working with children and young people have an up to date CRB clearance.  A copy of our Child Protection Guidelines and procedures is available on request.  N.B:it is a condition of hire that anyone working with children and young people has an up to date CRB clearance.

  21. Please complete and return the School Booking sheet, thereby acknowledging your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract and confirming that the information shown is correct.

  22. The school shall not be used after 10.30pm without special permission from the Headteacher

  23. There will be no access to classrooms unless agreed in advance by the Headteacher

  24. Children on the premises must only use children’s toilets.  Adults must only use the disabled toilet.

  25. Special permission is required from North Tyneside Catering Services if use of the kitchen is required.

  26. The agreement will be a tenancy at will and shall not constitute a tenancy of any other description.  If appropriate, the agreement shall be reviewed every three months.

  27. The agreement may be terminated by either party giving one months written notice.  The school may terminate the agreement immediately if any of the terms of this agreement are breached.

Reminder for Hirers

Do not obstruct any Fire Exit (Main Door and Main Gate included) with vehicles.

Respect the grassed areas (No parking on these areas).

For security keep the main door closed at all times.  An adult should be placed on duty to ensure only bona fide persons enter.

Only use rooms and equipment that have been hired by the group.
There is no access to classrooms or the staffroom unless agreed by the Headteacher in advance.

Children must be supervised at all times.

Children must only use the children’s toilets.

Adults must use the unisex Disabled Toilet.

There is no smoking allowed on any part of the site.  This includes the playgrounds and the school field.

All rubbish must be placed in bins.