SCITT – School Centred Initial Teacher Training

What is the SCITT?

For a number of years we have been part of the North Tyneside Teacher Training Course (SCITT). The SCITT is a highly successful course which combines extensive, high-quality classroom experience with expert guidance, and is officially rated as outstanding by Ofsted.
Throughout the year, 3 teaching placements take place across Early Years and Key Stage One. Trainees spend a proportionate amount of time working both alongside qualified, experienced teachers and teaching independently.  All trainee teachers are trained and monitored closely to ensure that teaching of children is of the highest standard and are supported throughout by a Host Class Teacher, A School Based Tutor, The Senior Leadership Team and also the University Team.
So, what does this mean for your child?

If your child’s class is hosting a trainee teacher, there are a number of benefits.

Firstly, Trainees work closely with experienced staff to gain knowledge and understanding of the children, develop strong working links and become a part of our teaching team. In return, trainees offer a wealth of new initiatives and teaching ideas, which they are introduced to at university and then develop within school.

Secondly, trainees have intensive support and are mentored throughout ensuring that their teaching is of the highest standard.

Trainees allow time to free up the class teacher to work more closely with groups of children, offer additional interventions and assessment time and support in class also.

When are teaching placements and how long do Placements last?

There are 3 placements per teaching year in which our school will have 1 or 2 different trainee teachers each time:

  • The initial teaching practice takes place in September and lasts 6 weeks. Trainees spend 3 weeks in Early Years and 3 weeks in Key Stage 1, supporting groups, teaching small groups and a selection of individual lessons. Trainees gain experience of planning, teaching, marking and assessing to prepare them for their next teaching practice.
  • The intermediate placement takes place in January and lasts around 8 weeks. Trainees teach a wider number of subjects across more of the teaching week. The amount of teaching time  gradually increases towards the final week.
  • The final placement takes place in March and lasts around 10 weeks. By now students on placement are highly skilled and ready to apply for teaching posts of their own.

All trainees take part in a number of introductory days, in which they are given time to get to know the school, the layout, the timetable, the routines, the class that they will be teaching and the staff.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact school.

If you would like more information, please click on the link below to view the North Tyneside School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) Programme Website.
If you would like to have a look at the SCITT Ofsted report, please click on the link below:

SCITT Ofsted Report